What are the Best Calcium Foods?

You could be asking, what are calcium foods? Or which are the best calcium foods sources?

Well before I answer you, I must note that the best source of calcium is food, especially dairy products. Calcium consumed from a dairy product is absorbed well than from other foods or supplements. Other components of dairy products, such as Vitamin D and lactose, enhance the absorption of calcium.

However, if you are lactose intolerant, or do not meet your recommended need per day, supplementation is an option.

The Best Calcium Foods Include;

  • Dairy products – Milk, Yogurt and Cheese
  • Vegetables – Spinach, Cabbage, Artichoke, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, Collards, Kale, and Turnip greens
  • Legumes – Soybean, lima beans, pinto beans, chick peas, white beans and Black beans.
  • Fruits – Tomatoes, papaya, carrots, orange, figs, papaya, orange and kiwifruit.
  • Fish – Salmon, Haddock, Tuna, Trout, Sardines, Crab and Cod
  • Nuts – Sesame seeds, and Almonds.

Adding dry milk powder to recipes - such as baked products, casseroles, puddings, hot cereal, and cocoa - is a great way to increase your daily calcium intake.

Other products are also fortified with calcium. For instance cereals, fruit juices, rice, and bread. Check the label carefully- any calcium fortified products must be clearly labelled.

Calcium doses that are more than 500 mg cannot be used or absorbed by the body. Calcium ought to be taken in doses of 500 mg or less still.

How to Increase Dietary Calcium

Calcium foods

You can increase your calcium by taking three or more servings of calcium foods every day. Milk contains a lot of calcium; some grains and vegetables also contain this nutrient, including some milk products.

People who do not take milk can get calcium from different foods fortified with calcium and the dark-green vegetables.

Vitamin D boosts your absorption of calcium in the body. Therefore go for milk and milk products that are fortified with Vitamin D. Vitamin D is the only vitamin that you can acquire through exposing yourself to sunlight.

Take Enough Calcium, Vitamin D, and the Exercise

I will emphasize that you need to eat plenty of calcium-rich foods. These are low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese. Dark-green leafy vegetables, canned fish with bones, tofu, and fortified orange juice are also good sources of calcium.

You will need vitamin D in order to absorb calcium. Vitamin D is provided in fortified milk and from being outdoors. Sunlight triggers the skin to make vitamin D. Salmon and Tuna, among other fish types and cod liver oil are natural sources of vitamin D.

Work your bones and look at your lifestyle. Studies show that regular exercise can build and maintain your bone health at all ages. To build your bones, you need to engage in weight-bearing exercises.

Some of these exercise include brisk walking, dancing, jogging, and biking. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day for 4 times a week.You can also start with fewer minutes and then increase gradually.

Not all Supplements will Work for you

Calcium supplements have a problem of digestibility. To test if your supplement will be digested, place it in a glass of water for 30 minutes.

A supplement that dissolves in your body must dissolve in water within 30 minutes. Otherwise if the tablet remains intact in water after this duration, it will also not dissolve in your stomach. Such a product should be avoided.

Purchase calcium supplements from remarkable companies. These companies usually have a record of safe and high quality products.

Avoid products with calcium that has been obtain from bone meal, dolomite or oyster shells. These products might have higher level of lead as well as other harmful metals.

The bottom line is, use calcium foods as your primary source of calcium. Supplements should never substitute dietary calcium sources.

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