How to Choose the Best Vitamin Supplements

Do you know that vitamin supplements are beneficial to your health? I usually ask people this question and many reply they don't know. I have realized that many arguments surround these supplement, despite the many studies carried out on them.

Many people out there ask whether it is safe to take a multivitamin every day. I will tell you that it is beneficial, safe and necessary.

It should never be disputed that we need vitamins, and enough to give us heath and well being.

So can one get all vitamins from a single diet? Well, as you might have realized, this is not possible with our modern diets. 

Fast Foods Lifestyle

We live a hectic lifestyle that does not allow us to plan or prepare a balanced diet.

Many of us spend grater part of the day at work. Other people are engaged in other activities that eat up all their day. As a result, eating out is the common habit amongst all of us.

This lifestyle has comfortably oriented us to fast foods from our local cafeteria. 

Most of these foods are often prepared with saturated fats, artery-clogging oils and are deficient of the necessary ingredients that a healthy diet should have.

Can you remember the last time you ate a well prepared diet at your local fast food shop!

Some other individual worsen this situation by skipping meals, and others miss them completely due to their tight schedules.

Have you realized another common symptom - stress!

From the house, on the road, at work, almost everywhere- people are stressed. I wonder, is stress becoming a way of life? Stress reduces your ability to process food successfully.

Our busy lifestyles challenges us a lot to the point of compromising our essential nutrients.

For these reasons, it is very evident that we can benefit from a vitamin supplement.

Such will safeguard our health from serious conditions that result from deficiencies of various nutrients. Symptoms of these deficiencies can range from fatigue to nervous system problems.

Vitamin supplements are beneficial to all ages, from children to adults.

A daily multivitamin supplement would in other words be seen as a nutritional insurance policy. Do you to be nutritionally insured? You are the one to decide!

How Do I Choose the Best Vitamin Supplement

Vitamins regulate metabolism, helps in tissue and bone formation. They aids to convert carbohydrates and fats.

As much as dietary sources ought to be our primary sources of the vital nutrients we need, it might be difficult to accomplish this with our modern diets. For this reason, supplements are becoming popular day by day.

Like other products, supplements are not equal. The supplements industry is a big business today and thus not every seller has your best interest in mind.

Here are some considerations when choosing a vitamin supplement;

If you have noted, vitamin supplements come in 3 forms- liquid, tablets and capsules.  Amongst these, your goal should be to chose a form that dissolves easily.

In that case, the obvious form would be liquid. Liquid is the best option if you cannot swallow tablets or capsules. It is the recommended form for children.  Due to these advantages, the liquid form is very scarce in the market.

The most popular form is tablets. These are a product of mixing the organic-cement or in-organic  cement and then condensing them to their shape. 

Capsules are also relatively common. These are gelatin containers which can dissolve easily. Since they are not condensed, 2 capsule will equal to one tablet.  Capsules are the most recommended choice than tablets.

Go for supplements that have a food base. These are concentrated plant substances added to vitamins. Food bases increase a product absorption rate.

Ensure that your supplement of choice has adequate quantities of vitamins that you need. Many of these will also contain some other minerals. Check these details from the product label.

Studies establish that the rate of vitamin-supplements absorption is 10 percent. On the other hand, vitamins from fresh dietary sources are 77-93 percent absorbed. For this reason, always take your vitamin supplement together with meals, unless your doctor states otherwise.

The bottom line! 

Our bodies cannot manufacture vitamins. Thus we must receive adequate amounts of this nutrient from the diet or supplements.

Like other nutrients, vitamins are necessary for the normal functioning of our body.

Remember to take vitamins together with meals since they need ingested food for them to be assimilated.

Finally, supplements should never replace dietary sources; they should never be a substitute for food. Foods must always be the number one source!

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Choose Nutritional Supplements Wisely

Choose Nutritional Supplements Wisely


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