What to Look for in a Mineral Supplement

Today, you can easily be assaulted by the wide range of mineral supplements available on the market. Amidst all this, you need the right amounts of minerals to stay healthy. Often we do not get the right quantities. It is therefore necessary to evaluate and choose the right supplement for your situation.

The following factors are to be considered when comparing mineral products in order to choose the best one for your situation.

Choosing the Right Mineral Supplement

  • Mineral content: Take a look at the mineral content analysis on the product label to know what minerals are present and in what amounts as well. Can you see the minerals that your situation need? If not, continue looking for another supplement until you get what you need.
  • Recommended Dietary Allowance: Be careful to choose a supplement that provides the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for each mineral. If you take a supplements that provides greater amounts than the RDA, you are exposing yourself to health risks. 
  • Expiry Date: Check this carefully; do not purchase supplements that have expired or that are due to expire before you finish taking them.
  • Mineral form: It will do you no good if you take a supplement whose mineral form cannot be utilized. Some forms of mineral are more bio-available than others. Note that as the bioavailabiliry of a mineral decreases, the total amount needed increases. Liquid mineral supplements are the best because their absorbancy is nearly a 100%.
  • Cost: Do not let price be a major deciding factor. Rather, let it come last after considering above discussed matters. Any cheap supplement that does not guarantee the amount of mineral that you need for your situation won't be very useful.

Mineral Supplements are the Missing Link

The mineral content of plant foods is brought about by the mineral content in the soil. Today, the mineral composition of our soils has declined immensely. As a result, fruits, vegetables and grains continue to be grown in mineral deficient soils.

Foods processing also reduce the mineral value of foods. For instance, during the canning of fruits and vegetables, minerals may escape into the packing fluid, which is often discarded. Calcium and phosphorus can be lost during cheese making.

Likewise, milling of grains removes the mineral-rich outer layers. Further, refining of sugar removes most of the mineral content of raw sugar.

Nutrient-poor diets and food preparation practices like removing the peelings from fruits and vegetables reduce the mineral content of the food you eat.

It is therefore worth saying that we cannot get enough minerals from our foods as we should. This tells us how important mineral supplements are to us today. Almost all of us do not eat right every day and so we need to supplement our daily diet.

So, do you wait for an illness to strike?

No! You need not to because you can compliment your diet with supplements.

The proper use of good quality balanced mineral-supplements can result in higher energy levels in your body, both mental and physical.

These supplements can assist in weight loss, make one feel and look years younger than ones physical age and help prevent or suppress numerous chronic ailments.

Calcium abundant  in bones and teeth. Some calcium is also found in blood. It has a role in blood clotting.

When calcium in blood goes below the normal level, the body gets the calcium in bones in order to correct the low levels in blood. So ensure that your are getting enough calcium from diets as well as supplements.

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Choose Nutritional Supplements Wisely

Choose Nutritional Supplements Wisely


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