How to Lose Belly Fat

How to lose belly fat is a question in many people’s minds. Well, the belly fat is easier to lose than many people think. Here are simple steps on how to lose your stomach fat. In this article I also discuss the diet to reduce your belly fat, plus the types of exercise necessary to lose your tummy. 

The belly fat is easier to lose than many people think. You just need to watch your diet and stay active. The foods you eat daily and the exercise you work  out determines the size of your tummy. If you eat a lot of junk food daily, then be ready for a huge belly.

Everyone has got some fat in his or her belly. Well, this is normal and healthy. But the problem arises when you have excess stomach fats.

Here is the secret; healthy people including those with flat stomach do not just eat right, they exercise as well. This is the safest and healthiest way to cut these fats.

How to lose belly fat

How to Lose Belly Fat Diet

There is no magic diet for stomach fat. But when we lose weight on any diet, stomach fat is usually the first to go. So your number one thing is to cut your fat intake. Look for fiber rich diet.

If everything remain the same but you take high fiber diet, you can lose belly fats and maintain it over time.

Reduce your calories by eating fruits, proteins, whole grains and vegetables and replace bad sugary snacks with good ones. For instance, if you have a craving for sugary snacks, replace this with a muscle milk lite- which has zero sugar.

Cut down on your carbohydrates and eat more fruits and vegetables instead. Consuming too much carbohydrate can raise your insulin level thus slowing down your metabolism.

Since your body does not need so much energy at once, it cannot metabolize a lot of carbohydrate at once. This means that the body will convert any excess sugar into body fat.

Lastly on this, keep off from junk foods. Avoid cookies, chips, sweets and other similar foods. If you do not stock these foods, you will also not think about them thus you will break the bad eating habits.

How to Lose Belly Fat Exercise

  • Aerobic Exercise;

These include jogging, running, brisk walking, swimming, cycling and dancing.  Set a goal for yourself and let these physical activities challenge you.

30 minutes for 4 days a week is an achievable goal for many people. However if this is too much for you, start with fewer minutes and increase gradually as your body adjusts.

If the simplicity of these exercises surprises you, they shouldn't. This is because to burn stomach fat, the annoying fats that surround your stomach have to go first.

If you skip these simple exercises and go for more specialized ones like crunches and pull up exercise, you will successfully develop your abdominal muscles. But these muscles will remain hidden under your belly-fats.

So start simple and later on move to more specialized exercises.

  •  Abdominal Exercise;

After a series of aerobic exercise, you have now kicked of exercising your abdominal muscles and developing them as well.

Abdominal exercises are great for burning the belly-fat completely and are useful for building the abdominal muscles. The most common include crunches, bicycles, planks and reverse crunches.

To work out into a routine, choose 1 or 2 exercises and work out for 12 to 16 repetitions. You can also start with lesser and then increase gradually.

Avoid stress when loosing belly fat

Lastly, keep off stress as much as is possible. This is because even if you know how to lose belly fat, you will often make bad food choices when stressed. In fact, stress is associated with weight gain.

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